It’s all about the Handmade Bags

I seem to be running a full day behind on everything lately and I can’t help but think it has something to do with the horrid new sleep schedule, or maybe I should call it: “awake schedule” my children have adopted. If they were adults they would be the most productive adults in the world as they appear to need NEGATIVE sleep time. While most of the world is in constant need of getting “more sleep,” my children believe they need to get “more awake.” And we are all suffering for it. I blame the long summer days. We still need sunglasses and sunscreen at 9 PM here in Texas and I can only guess that my kids think that they should NEVER sleep while the sun is out. Well, in the summer here, the sun is out about 99% of the 24 hour day.

For someone who tries to get her blogging done while the children are asleep, this is proving to be very detrimental to the blog schedule. They just don’t seem to get it. Mommy’s trying to get a blog post done over here, sweeties, IGNORE THE SUN.

Okay, rant over. Today’s post is all about the bags!

Handmade bags at

I realized something recently about myself. I realized why I am obsessed with making bags, and cases, and zip pouches and the like. Until recently, my whole life, I was the type that could not resist the purchase of a cute new purse or bag, regardless of the need. It was unhealthy. I have always loved bags and have always had more than I need taking up space in my closet. A lack of disposable income + children cured me a while back of my bag buying habit, but I think my subconscious is trying to make up for it, and now instead of buying them I can’t stop making them! What’s worse: I should be selling them on Etsy and at least getting back some money for my time and materials but I really don’t want to get RID of them! I need to make at least two of each one so I can keep one for myself and there just isn’t TIME for that (see previous rant regarding kids’ “awake” schedule).

So today’s post is a gallery of the handmade bags and cases and pouches I have done over the week: the ones that are getting sold on Etsy and the ones I am keeping…and then I need to stop. I mean, making bags is fine but after this week, my motto MUST be:

If I makes it, I sells it.

Second rant over. On to the bags.

First up: Y’all remember the key to my heart purse that I have posted pics of recently. It started out as a little coin purse and morphed into a crossbody bag:

Key to My Heart Purse 3 Key to my heart purse open

Well, I had a friend from high school who I still keep in touch with via Facebook contact me quite a while back. Knowing how into sewing I have become (and being a very supportive Facebook friend – the kind all bloggers appreciate – engaging, liking , and sharing – you folks cannot be beat), she presented me with a challenge: she uses her Ipad for work quite a bit but doesn’t want to carry it with her when she doesn’t need it otherwise. She is very much a grab-and-go, and take as little with you as possible kind of girl, and she was tired of transferring stuff from one purse to another depending on whether she needed to bring the Ipad with her in her travels on a given day. SO: make an Ipad case that has some kind of detachable, smaller purse that always keeps your necessary stuff – like keys, phone, etc. This way you can carry both the Ipad and other stuff when you need to, but detach them when you want to carry just the essentials. So I present to you, yet another reworking of the “key to my heart” purse. I made the case to fit my Chromebook since I had already recently made an Ipad case:

chromebook purse combo

I love this thing. I have a few kinks to work out with regards to finishing the inside. I also might consider snap attachments rather that having the purse attach with the hoops (because that’s even MORE convenient) but I need to test the strength of the snaps. It’s on my “eventually” list. For now, I have a Chromebook case with a matching and detachable purse that I just love! You would think my obsession with making “things that hold things” would have been satiated with this gem, but no. Moving on.

I recently purchased my own Everyday Oils starter kit from Young Living and I am having a blast playing with and researching the characteristics of all the different oils I received, Only problem: the kits came with A LOT of stuff spread out in some lovely packaging – but too big for taking everything with me on the go. I am about to embark on our summer Jersey trip very soon, and have been working on a way to keep the oils much more compact. At first I came up with this:

eight bottle essential oil case in hand eight bottle essential oil case close up inside eight bottle essential oils case open bottles out

And I love it but it doesn’t hold enough oils for me. It’s listed on Etsy for someone who only needs to hold about eight bottles. So next up: MY new case! I call it:

Essential Owls. Hehe. Get it? (Insert roll of the eyes from anyone who knows me here).

Everyday oils case Every day oils case 1 Every day oils case 2

Okay, it also had a few kinks but it fits everything I need and I LOVE the fabric. I want to eventually make more of these to sell, so they, too, are on the “eventually” list.

So I should be all set now, right? No more bag making? Nope.

Here is a little pouch for my daughter. I was working on another idea I had and this pouch wasn’t going to fit the bill – but the doodle loves it!

Doodle bag 1 Doodle bag

Done? Oh no.

I just love that vintage key fabric that I made my heart purse with but that purse is awfully small. What if I want a bigger bag? A reversible tote? Yes! This is one that I actually DID make two of because I really wanted to keep the first, and they honestly are pretty easy to construct, so here you go. One for me, one for Etsy!

Reversible Tote 4 Reversible Tote

Okay, really, should be done now, right? Nope! One more! What if I want an even bigger, beach type bag while we are in NJ?  What if I want something with a pop of color? I love the heart theme, though, so we’ll keep that. Enter the reversible, everything, every way tote!

Big Heart tote Big Heart tote hanging Big heart tote 1

This thing is awesome because it’s totally reversible, like my other tote, but it’s bigger and it can actually be worn crossbody style OR carried as a tote. AND it takes on a very different look when you reverse it. Check this out! Same bag:

Big tote reversed 1

Definitely can’t give this one up. I got this awesome idea over HERE in case you are interested in trying this out yourself. I changed the size to make it slightly larger, and added a (heart-shaped) pocket on mine and a button/elastic enclosure for both sides. I also wanted to have a two-toned strap. I thought that would be fun and a little funky…as funky as I get, anyway.

Folks, I hope you enjoyed my handmade bags gallery today! the last installment of the doodle dress sew along is coming out this week (crosses fingers. sleep, children, please sleep) so check back with me or subscribe and we’ll finish this dress! I hope y’all have had a wonderful weekend and a great start to your week. I’ll be seeing you back here soon!

Which was your favorite from the bag gallery today? 

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10 Comments on It’s all about the Handmade Bags

  1. Elizabeth
    July 14, 2015 at 4:31 PM (11 months ago)

    A favorite??? I love them all. I enjoyed the punny owls. That red tote is stunning! And, all of the keys make me smile. I love making bags. I think it’s because they seem useful so making more is making more useful :) Besides they take up less room and are finished faster than quilts. In fact, I have two in my “need to do” pile plus a BUNCH of zipper pouches for our new financial system for the kids…..which is probably what I should be doing right now…..

    • notimefordiy
      July 14, 2015 at 5:53 PM (11 months ago)

      Thank you, Elizabeth! You are exactly right! Any craft project that turns out looking great AND performs a necessary function feels like a huge win! And, I won’t say “instant” gratification…but pretty close!

  2. Sarena @ Teal Inspiration
    July 17, 2015 at 10:54 PM (11 months ago)

    Omg these are so cute! I especially love the little owl print one. It’s great to be co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you again :)

  3. Alayna @AlaynasCreations
    July 18, 2015 at 9:25 AM (11 months ago)

    Wow you have been busy! Kudos to you for making so many things for yourself. I have the opposite issue lately – spending so much time working on drying racks for the Etsy shop that I have no time (or energy!) to work on projects for myself. Maybe someday we’ll get it all balanced right, eh?
    Having a great time co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next week!

  4. Amanda
    July 19, 2015 at 4:53 PM (11 months ago)

    I find homemade handbags are of such higher quality than store bought bags. Great tips.
    (Gotta love those Young Living oils!!)
    Great to be co-hosting the #homemattersparty with you this month.
    Amanda recently posted…Home Matters Linky Party #46My Profile

  5. Jane @SustainMyCraftHabit
    July 20, 2015 at 11:05 AM (11 months ago)

    They are all so awesome! No doubt you have trouble letting any of them go. And I totally hear you about the non-sleeping kids! My guys run and run all day and still won’t go to bed till late. And then they’re up so early too!!! I just keep reminding myself this is all a phase…
    We are enjoying co-hosting the #HomeMattersParty with you and following all your great posts!

    • notimefordiy
      July 20, 2015 at 2:24 PM (11 months ago)

      Thanks, Jane! I honestly don’t know where they get the energy but if we could somehow harness it…! Great to be co-hosting with you, too!

  6. Melissa Vera
    July 21, 2015 at 1:50 PM (11 months ago)

    What cute bags and I love how you used them for essential oils. I love cohosting #HomeMattersParty with you.
    Melissa Vera recently posted…Summer is About Pops of ColorMy Profile

  7. Maria@SewTravelInspired
    July 27, 2015 at 10:42 AM (10 months ago)

    I really like your chrome case with the detachable heart bag. The little bag would be adorable as just a little purse for my granddaughter.

    • notimefordiy
      July 27, 2015 at 4:11 PM (10 months ago)

      Thanks Maria! I am so glad you like that one because it is one of my favorites! How old is your granddaughter? I sell just the purse on my Etsy shop and have been toying with the idea of a “learn to sew” kit using the pattern for it. Thanks for visiting and commenting!


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