A quick update and a handy Essential Oils tip!

Y’all, I promise you I have not forgotten this blog. I can tell you that I did not exactly succeed with our grocery budget, but let me tell you why. Right in the middle of my best laid plans, flew a swarming infestation of wasps in our house! I’m talking thousands of wasps all over outside and on a given day INSIDE the house I was dealing with 30 to 40 of them!!! Did I mention what one of my worst fears is? BEES AND WASPS.

So on week three of my budget plan, we had to retreat and spend a couple of days NOT in our house, which WAY messed up my cooking plans, but I did learn the value of being flexible. I wasn’t too far over though considering that, and now that we are able to live in the house without being armed with my homemade wasp spray in one hand and a fly swatter in the other, I am getting back on track. I’m deciding now if I should just get my receipts together and do a reveal of the spending anyway, or just try again. Whatchya think?

That wasn’t my only distraction. I suddenly realized how close we are getting to the holidays, realized that we’ll be doing our annual traveling to New Jersey in the blink of an eye AND that if I wanted to get my Etsy shop stocked for the holidays before I left it would have to happen now. With these two littles by my side, my “job” of making things is VERY part time. It’s not like I can sit down all at once and stock up – it has to be done little by little – or not at all. So I shifted focus and I am pretty happy with what I’ve got in there so far. I still have lots I want to do and lots of ideas for items, but for now, I’m happy with my slow progress. You can check out the shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/Notimefordiygifts or see some of my items over on my SHOP page!

I’ve also started to dabble a little in providing Essential Oils along with my handmade items – because it fits with what I make and sell – and because I have been using them more and more lately for so many things and I am really loving them more than I ever thought I would. For instance, those wasps:

A little dish soap, peppermint essential oil, and water in a spray bottle – and I was well-protected. Seriously – that’s my Essential Oils tip of the day.

I’ve used them for other things lately, too: to combat headaches, for my husbands back and neck aches, to fight a cold…really…they have been a staple for us lately.

So anyway, if you are interested in trying some oils, let me know, or you could grab this cute little sample set from my shop – just click the pic to find out more about it:

Essential oils samples for sale on Etsy

Okay, back to the kids and making dinner and stocking the shop. Have you noticed I’m easily distracted? I’m coming to terms with it. It’s better than being easily derailed, don’t you think?

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1 Comment on A quick update and a handy Essential Oils tip!

  1. Elizabeth
    November 22, 2015 at 7:19 PM (1 year ago)

    Up to you but a reveal and plan to try again is my advice. There will almost always be a good reason to derail our plans. How you handle the adversity is where change really happens. You should be pleased that you did well despite the wasp invasion. That sounds AWFUL! So glad you had a place to shelter.


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