The Toothy-Grinned Essential Oils Key Ring That Got Me Back on the Blog

A New Essential Oils Key Ring Tutorial For You!

Essential Oils Key Rings with zippers

So, I’m not even going to try to make excuses. It’s like this: I can sew, or I can blog – but I cannot do both regularly without neglecting my family, house, personal hygiene (okay that kind of gets neglected anyway), etc. It’s just the truth, and I challenge any “mom” blogger of small kids to prove me wrong.

I needed to stop, to focus, and to see a clear path in my mind – and then get on it and stay on it. I love sewing and I just really wanted to be spending any extra moment I could scrounge actually DOING it instead of writing about it. I guess you could say I was feeling a little “blogged down.” Go ahead – you can crack a smile.

Speaking of cracking a smile – that’s why I’m back here talking to you today. You see, when I developed that clear path in my head and started focusing more on *actually* sewing – the thing that kept coming back to me was the essential oils bags, cases, and key rings I have made. It has been a challenge and a pleasure designing and adapting the designs of others to meet this relatively new need people seem to have of storing and traveling with their oils. They’ve been the products in my Etsy shop that have garnered the most attention AND the things that challenge me and get my creative juices flowing the most while sewing. So I “re-branded” as they say in the business and blogging world. My new and improved Etsy shop is now:

Essential Oils Totes

Feel free to go check it out! But that’s still not why I came back for a blogging visit.

You see, the other day, I posted a picture of one of my new key rings to a closed sewing chat group I’m in on Facebook. If you sew, by the way, seriously – get in this chat group. Over 18,000 of the most amazing ladies (and some gents) of varying levels and abilities and sewing interests. We share our projects, ask and answer questions, and just have some fun banter. It’s run by Deby and Mayra over at So Sew Easy so you know it’s good stuff. Anyway, I was cracking up laughing when I posted, because you see, the key ring, when opened, appeared to be giving me a big old cheesin’ smile.

Essential Oils Key ring smiling

So I posted the above picture with a comment to that effect and many many people found it hilarious, too. Still, others commented that they wished they had this pattern, so they could sew one for themselves or a friend.

Truth: This can barely be called a pattern. It’s a zipper pouch with some elastic sewn in – but it works quite well and I think it’s super cute, so in response to those comments, I am sharing the tutorial today. Now you can make your own. As you know, I don’t blog much anymore, but I figured this was as good a venue as any to share this. The last time I tried to share instructions and pictures of something for someone in that chat group through Facebook it was ridiculously complicated. The blog is really the better place to do that because I can design the tutorial anyway I want to and put the pictures where I need to. Plus I get to jabber on for a while at you, so it’s a win win (my husband calls this “gum-bumping” and apparently, this ability makes for good blogging).

So 585 words later, here you go! The Happy, Toothy-Grinned Essential Oils Key Ring!


Essential Oils Key Ring Materials

  • You know the drill for the general stuff – sewing machine, needle, thread, some cutting apparatus and rulers. fabric marker or chalk. You’ll want your zipper foot it you’ve got one.
  • 2 outer pieces of fabric (I used quilting cotton) – 5 1/2″ X 3 1/2″
  • 2 lining pieces of fabric (also quilting cotton) – also 5 1/2″ X 3 1/2″
  • 1 piece of fabric for the ring tab – 3″ X 3″
  • 2 pieces of fusible batting – 4 1/2″ X 3″ (mine are a bit smaller – I was using scraps. They worked fine.
  • 2 pieces of elastic, each at least 8″ long
  • 1 7″ zipper
  • 1 key ring


  1. Iron your fusible fleece to your lining pieces
  2. Make your little tab for the key ring by folding in half, then opening and folding the two halves in half so the raw edges are encased. Sew down both sides as shown and set aside Tab for Essential Oils Key Ring
  3. Make the following marks with some kind of fabric marker or chalk that will disappear or wipe away: On the elastic pieces – 1 1/2″ in, then every 1 1/4″ four times. You should have 1 1/2 inches left on the other end. It looks like this: Markings on elastic for essential oils key ringOn the lining pieces – 1″ in from the top long edge, and 1 1/2″ in from the left, then every 5/8″ four times, then you should have 1 1/2″ left on the other side. Looks like this:Markings on lining for essential oils key ring
  4. Now sew the elastic to the lining pieces by lining up the markings. Basically, you are sewing 1 1/4″ of elastic for every 5/8″ of fabric. It looks like this the below. Do this exactly the same for both lining pieces.Elastic sewn to lining for essential oils key ring
  5. Take one outer piece and one lining piece right sides facing – sandwich the zipper, face up between them with all the edges lined up like so, and using your zipper foot, sew to attach the zipper.Attaching the zipper to essential oils keyring
  6. Then do the same for the other two pieces on the other side, open them so the right sides are facing out and top stitch.Zipper attached to essential oils keyring
  7. At this point, I open up the zipper a bit and baste the little key ring tab where I want it over the zipper, like this. Adding zipper tab to essential oil tab
  8. Now take your two outer pieces and sew them (right sides facing) together along the long edge.Sewing the outer pieces together for essential oils key ring
  9. MAKE SURE YOUR ZIPPER IS ABOUT HALF WAY OPEN NOW. Take your two lining pieces and (right sides together) sew the long edge as you did with the other side but leave an opening for turning in the middle. Sorry, no pic.
  10. Now flatten the thing so the zipper is centered, and sew along the two short ends. Trim the zipper off at the ends. It should now look like this:Sewing the short sides of the essential oils keyring
  11. Use the opening you left to turn it and hand-sew the opening shut. You could also just use your machine to stitch it shut but with this method of zipper pouch, the inside lining seam is very visible when you open the pouch. Here it is turned and ready to be sewn shut:essential oils key ring turned
  12. Use that open zipper to turn it right-side out:essential oils key ring
  13. And add your key ring! Tada!essential oils zippered key ring

That’s it, folks. I hope you enjoyed the project and that you have a super cute essential oils key ring to carry around with you and always have your favorite oils on hand! It’s back to the rest of life for me but it’s been fun getting back on the blog for as bit so maybe I’ll get the chance to see you here again soon!





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1 Comment on The Toothy-Grinned Essential Oils Key Ring That Got Me Back on the Blog

  1. Elizabeth
    February 26, 2016 at 4:04 PM (2 years ago)

    Love the “cheesy grin” and the tutorial. Well done! Missing you on your blog but hoping your business is transforming as you desire. Life is BUSY in this season for you.


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