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Essential Oils Keychain Tutorial Is Finished!

Essential Oils Keychain

***Update! If you subscribed and you are having problems downloading and retrieving your file, please let me know and I will make sure you get your copy. Thanks and I apologize! This newbie blogger obviously doesn’t have link sharing down yet!*** Everyone (especially subscribers) bear with me. I have a lot of information to give […] Read more…

Kanzashi Flowers Just Might Be The End Of Me

Kanzashi Flowers all together

I need to tell you a little story so you can fully appreciate my current predicament. Way back in my college days (before social media was the go-to procrastination method of college students everywhere) a good friend and I discovered magazine beads. Have you ever heard of magazine beads? I would show you a picture […] Read more…

We Have A Winner! (And a Key to My Heart Zipper Pouch)!

key to my heart feature 1

The results are in and the winner has been picked! The subscriber who will be receiving my handmade Essential Oils Key Ring and the orange and lemon Essential Oils is… Janice Sellers Congratulations Janice! I’ll be in touch very soon. Thank you all for subscribing! It was so great to see names I knew and […] Read more…

The Brother JX 2517 Video Review

Brother JX 2517

If you have read my blog or know me at all, you are probably already aware that I only just started sewing this year, and while I wouldn’t call myself a total beginner anymore (mainly because I became obsessed and have been sewing almost every day, so I’m getting a lot of practice), I definitely still […] Read more…

A Kindle Sleeve Step By Step (And Why I Strive To Fail Everyday)

Kindle Sleeve

My numbers might be off, but at last count, I think there were about eight hundred thirty-two bajillion sewing/crafting/parenting/homeschooling lifestyle blogs out there. I guarantee many of those bloggers can sew circles around me (probably literally, if given enough fabric and thread) and thank goodness, because I learn from them. They are all out there […] Read more…

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